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Christian Counseling



Credit Hours*



Class Type

Online accelerated Intensive

Next Start Date

August 26, 2021



Tuition & Fees



Live Authentic University offers quality training that allows you to complete your training in your home or office.  We are a Christian service organization committed to the Lord Jesus Christ.  Our counseling certification is co-ed, offered to men and women; and is founded upon the Word of God.

Program highlights:


  • Certificate is Board Certified

  • 10-week Accelerated Program

  • Online Learning*via Zoom

  • Online & In-Person Graduations

  • Once completed you will earn 15 college credits toward an Associates in Christian Counseling*

Those who complete the course will learn:

  • REAL Help Skills: Learning to reach with discernment

  • How to assist with Truth Key Questions & Lead with Resources

  • When to Refer Severity of Symptoms

  • Legal & Ethical Standards of Christian Counseling

  • How to define Christian Counseling and its goals

  • The difference between Christian Counseling vs. Secular Psychology 

  • Counseling self-development

  • Introduction to Temperament Counseling

As counseling professionals, you will play a vital role in the change and growth of an individual’s ability to think, feel, and act in constructive and godly ways. You will be an active partner with others on multiple levels to foster and facilitate good mental health within your community.

The main benefit of taking the Counseling Training Course and obtaining your certification from LAU is knowledge. The training you receive will provide an insight into understanding human behavior and relating to others. This knowledge is valuable in every area of your life and will equip you to help those who are hurting. Your church community can be assured that your credentials are authentic and current, because you will be involved in continuing education and under evaluation.

Couples Therapy


You have a heart for God’s people


You have a desire to help those who are hurting


You want to see people healed and made whole


You are a Pastor or ministry leader that would like to skillfully help troubled people and to know when someone needs more help than your church can offer?



If this sounds like you?

Fill out the application below and make plans to attend our next 10-Week Accelerated Board Certified Christian Counseling Program.

Download Application


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What is included in the cost of training?

  • 10-week accelerated learning

  • Live Authentic University counseling manual along with pertinent documents to assist in counseling

  • Weekly access to training*

  • Wood-framed Certificate of Completion as a Board Certified Christian Counselor

  • One year annual annual registration ($50 dollar value)

  • 15 credit hours towards an Associates Degree in Christian Counseling* [additional information provided during orientation]

  • Priority shipping of Counseling Certificate

What is your attendance policy?

Students are strongly encouraged to attend all session.  The certifying agency requires students to be in attendance throughout the duration of training.  However, one (1) documented exception will be granted for extenuating circumstances.  It is the students responsibility to get with teacher and/or peers for any missed assignments.

When and where are classes held?

Students meet every Thursday, with the exception of holidays] from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. eastern daylight time.  Classes are held via LAU's  virtual classroom on Zoom. Student will be required to sign in weekly to receive access to the virtual classroom.  There is a mandatory one (1) hour orientation the week prior to class that all students must attend. Failure to attend orientation may result in student being dropped from class. 

Will there be any tests?

Yes, students are required to take a final exam at the end of the program.  Students will be given 2 hours to complete the final.  Upon successful completion, a virtual graduation will be planned.

What's needed to attend training?

  • LACC training manual (provided the 1st day of class)

  • Access to a printer (to print manual)

  • Laptop or computer

  • High speed internet access

  • Access to email

  • A heart ready to receive

What is your payment policy?

Live Authentic University offers three payment options for those who wish to attend our program:  A one-time full payment,  two half payments or our 3-flex payment plan.  

For those who qualify, LAU offers a pay-as-you-go plan to help alleviate the burden of the one-time payment.  Students  who wish to enroll via our  flex or pay as you go plans must sign a payment agreement prior to the start of program.  For additional information, contact our office administrator, Coretta M. Fontenot at [Income restrictions apply for pay as you go plan]   


All payments are final and non-refundable.  Should student decide to drop the program, fees may be transferrable to the next immediate class; and are allowed to start where they left off.   In the event student is removed from the class for disorderly conduct or continuous missed payments, all fees will be forfeited.